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Sold, not bought

The average individual investor is overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of, and uncertainty associated with, the investment products available. Earlier this year, the European Commission released the findings of a study it...[more]

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Les frais de gestion assombrissent votre retraite

The challenge of an aging population is getting more and more acute every day. On the one hand, the European Commission states that close to one out of five people over 65 in the European Union are at risk of poverty and that...[more]

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Better Finance slams ‘inadequate’ work from EU on online tools

European investor lobby group Better Finance has urged the European Commission to develop an ‘action plan’ to help citizens with financial matters. Presenting its sixth annual research study on pension savings earlier this...[more]

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Assurance-vie: quand les frais grignotent les rendements

Each year more than 100 billion euros are invested in life insurance, which remains the most popular placement among wealthier people who are not concerned about fees charged on their investment. However, for the less wealthy, it...[more]

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Pension returns across EU too low

The outlook for European pension savers is bleak in spite of a six-year bull market for European equities and bonds, investor lobby group Better Finance has said. Europe’s pension savings gap surpasses €2 trillion a year, or...[more]

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Investment & Pensions Europe: Lobby groups clash over PEPP inflation protection proposal

Last week, IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe) published an article on the variety of responses to the EU’s proposed pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP). In a response to BETTER FINANCE’s calls for policy makers...[more]

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Trends & DN: Blackrock, world largest asset manager, and their role as initiator of Pan-European Pension Plan

In february 2015, in a 18 page document called "The Union of Capital Markets: An Investor Perspective", Blackrock CEO Larry Fink`s message was clear: the EU should assess the possibility of creating a cross-border...[more]

Category: In the media
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