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The Financial Times: Study Finds Varying Quality of Advice for European Investors.

On the 29th of April, the Financial Times published an article on the varying quality of advice for European investors, found by the EC`s "Study on the distribution systems of retail investment...[more]

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Funds Europe: Brussels Fixes June Date for Public Hearing on Funds.

On the 26th of April, Funds Europe published an article on the challenges faced by consumers investing in financial products, tackling the issue in light of the upcoming public hearing -set for the 29th of June- and the EC`s...[more]

Category: In the media

Le Vif: "L'épargne-pension ne rapporte pas assez !"

On the 24th of April 2018 Le Vif published an article outlining BETTER FINANCE`s stated concerns on poor performance of savings through retirement products, resulting from fees and taxes limiting interest rates. The...[more]

Category: In the media

The Sunday Times: "Investors misled by 'cuckoo in nest' funds"

On the 11th of March The Sunday Times published an article on closet indexers in light of the recent news of UK asset managers returning £34m following an investigation by the FCA uncovering widespread evidence of funds charging...[more]

Category: In the media

Closet trackers: Asset management’s dirty little secret

In an article published by The Financial News on Tuesday 13th of March, reporters Chris Newlands and David Ricketts tackle the "costliest scandal to hit the UK`s financial sector: the widespread mis-selling of payment...[more]

Category: In the media

FN: Asset Managers Pay £34m Compensation for Overcharging Investors.

In an article published  by the Financial News on the 5th of March 2018, asset managers are set to pay out £34m following an investigation by the FCA uncovering widespread evidence of funds charging expensive management fees...[more]

Category: In the media

FT: Slippage causes confusion in MiFID II fund rules row

An article from the FT on the ongoing opposition to the PRIIPs KID rules reiterates the industry's growing concerns that the disclosure requirements on costs and charges for investment products generate the opposite result of...[more]

Category: In the media
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