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24.10.2017 17:28 Age: 92 days
Category: In the media

Better Finance’s Pension Savings Report (2017 Edition) covered in various EU publications

9 October 2017 – BETTER FINANCE, the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users, launched the fifth edition of its annual Pension Savings Report.

Started in 2013, the annual research report undertakes an analysis of European pension investment funds and State pensions schemes, in order to provide the European citizen with the ‘real figures’ and state of affairs of EU pensions savings.

At the launch of the 2017 Edition, the EU Commission, stakeholders and members of the press had the opportunity to listen to presentations by Mr Christian Gulich, Mr Didier Davydoff and Mr Guillaume Prache.

Following the launch, the Financial Times, Investment & Pensions Europe, Boursorama and Das Kapital NL have spread the news of BETTER FINANCE’s research report. These articles captured the essence of this year’s report, as expressed in the Executive Summary and Policy Recommendations: European pension investment funds have, for the past 17 year, returned very low results, mainly due to the high fees charges by the fund managers. In many countries, where the replacement pension will mount to a mere 17% to a 30-years 2% pension saving, the situation for Euro-savers does not look good.

Based on these findings by BETTER FINANCE, these articles raise awareness of the potential pension crisis to hit Europe, should EU policy makers and legislators not act swiftly and efficiently, at least with regards to fee transparency.

Download the Pension Savings Report.

Read here:

FT: Fee Transparency Vital to Avert European Pension Crisis.

Boursorama: The performances of long-term savings-products are always burdened by fees, Better Finance warns (Les performances des produits d’épargne de long terme sont toujours grevées par les frais, déplore Better Finance).

IPE: Brussels lobby group urges EU over fee transparency. 

Das Kapital: The performance of pension funds since 2000 (Dit rendement maaken pensioenfondsen sinds 2000).


The latest edition of our report on Pension Savings is now available for download!





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