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Robo-advice: The poor man's human being

Is robo-advice really such a revolutionary concept? Some see it as a way of providing reasonable-quality financial advice to mass-market investors unwilling to pay a human. Others see job cuts and a certain unwelcome shirking of...[more]

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Guillaume Prache from Better Finance comments on MIFID II and PRIIPS

In the next two years, European investment funds will be subjected to two regulatory changes. If MIFIDII is expected to have a limited impact, according to experts, PRIPS raises more concerns. MiFID II is supposed to enter into...[more]

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Robot-advisers or ‘robot-asset managers?’ wonders Funds Europe following Better Finance research

Better Finance was quoted in Funds Europe on its research on robot advisers. Indeed the research says that nearly all robot advice providers in Europe were registered as financial advisers but that many were also registered as...[more]

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AEMEC and Better Finance convince Bank of Spain and European Central Bank to take a deeper look at transfer of shares between Caixa Bank and Bank of East Asia

The World Federation of Investors (WFI), the Spanish Association of Minority Shareholders of Listed Companies (AEMEC, one of Better Finance’s members) and Better Finance have stated that the swap transaction that took place...[more]

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Guillaume Prache interviewed by BFM TV on the number of individual shareholders in the EU

There are about 3.3 million individual shareholders in France representing about 6.5% of all shareholding in the 40 largest French companies, two times less than in 2009. The figure remains approximate because, for unclear...[more]

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Better Finance in the FT: on closet indexing and ESMA

Today the German regulator became the latest in Europe to launch an investigation into its domestic asset management market to determine whether local companies mis-sold funds to retail clients. Guillaume Prache, managing...[more]

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Better Finance puts forward solutions to improve the quality of financial investments

The savings management industry does not at all satisfy Europeans concludes the annual survey of the European Commission stating that the investment industry, and particularly services related to pension savings, came last of 32...[more]

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