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No more love for star fund managers?

Celebrities among fund managers are becoming rare. Fund management gurus built their success over the long term as did Warren Buffett, an example to almost all fund managers.With the younger generation, fund management...[more]

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Prache Pressure

Guillaume Prache’s key focus as Managing Director of Better Finance has been to campaign against fund managers charging fees in line with active management, while, in reality, mimicking low-cost passive strategies, often called...[more]

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Document sent by FSUG to EC in response to the negative effects that the debt discharge law would engender in Romania

The debt discharge law is the right path to be followed to help as many borrowers in financial difficulty as possible, given that so far in Romania there is no other law to support them, and banks have been reluctant to come up...[more]

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Closet indexers face new 'name and shame' threat

Investment firms charging fees for the active management of funds that in reality behave more like index trackers are coming under renewed pressure in Europe. One campaigner representing four million savers in the region has...[more]

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Invesco’s ETF arm ‘evaluating’ robo-advice launch

The exchange traded fund arm of Invesco is weighing up the launch of a robo-advice platform in Europe following its acquisition of a US-based digital advisory firm Jemstep last January.Byron Lake, head of Invesco PowerShares for...[more]

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Banks’ self-serving fund sales must be stopped

“It is time for regulators to investigate sales practices at banks”, says Madison Marriage, Journalist for the FT. According to Cerulli, a research company, 90 per cent of the money that entered Europe’s fund industry between...[more]

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Better Finance quoted in FT's "What would Brexit mean for me and my money?"

FT Money has scrutinised the small print, to reveal where Brexit could put your finances most at risk, and where a divorce from the EU could be welcomed. Some excerpts:The UK government has said two years is too short a time to...[more]

Category: In the media
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