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Guillaume Prache, Managing Director of Better Finance, Discusses the CMU

In his speech at the 2016 ECB/EC financial integration conference in Frankfurt, Guillaume Prache, Managing Director of Better Finance, discusses the Capital Markets Union and the impact it will have on retail investors. Please...[more]

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Guillaume Prache, Managing Director of Better Finance: “It is a Sad Day for European Savers”

Better Finance alongside with fund managers and Politicians have failed to persuade the European Union to implement amendments that were aimed at making documents easier to understand and more reliable for investors. Guillaume...[more]

Category: In the media

Guillaume Prache, Managing Director of Better Finance, Discusses AIFMD and Mifid II With the Financial Times

Guillaume Prache, Managing Director of Better Finance, has been recently quoted in the FT discussing the impact and importance of consumer investment regulation, including the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive and...[more]

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Brexit Heralds New Era of Financial Rule Making

Brexit has begun to create a shift of financial regulation within Europe. With the resignation of Britain’s EU Commissioner in charge of financial services, Jonathan Hill, Britain is seeing its influence within Europe dissolve....[more]

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Legislators worried about KID for PRIIPS

The PRIIPS regulation was initially welcomed as a protection for  savers. However the new PRIIPS regulation will impose the submission of a key information document that is not up to scratch.According to Guillaume Prache,...[more]

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Big decline in potential closet tracker portfolios

The number of potential closet trackers identified by Investment Adviser research has declined substantially in the past 12 months, from 15 in 2015 to just four.Research into closet trackers has grown more popular, with...[more]

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Change ‘vastly misleading’ fund rules, EU asked

Politicians, investor rights groups and asset managers have made an eleventh-hour attempt to convince European officials to amend proposed investment rules over fears they could be “vastly misleading” and a “huge blow to investor...[more]

Category: In the media
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