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14.07.2017 16:46 Age: 194 days
Category: Press Releases

Sustainable finance products must fully comply with consumer protection rules and really create “long-term and sustainable value”

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the Interim Report of the High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance of the European Union, which highlights the need to “incorporate long-term and sustainable value creation”. 

BETTER FINANCE underlines the need to establish common definitions and standards at least at the EU level. Long-term and pension savers must be recognised as major stakeholders in sustainable finance who are not only there to pay the fees and bear the risks but also to get a fair share of the long-term rewards and benefit from fully transparent information including on risks, failures and weaknesses. Professional investors must dramatically  increase their holdings in long-term assets. 

BETTER FINANCE also reminds the need to inform EU savers about the impact of applying ESG criteria on the actual long-term real performance. SRI funds must comply with EU rules on fair, clear and non-misleading information. 

Read the full Press release here 


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