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06.05.2015 10:21 Age: 3 yrs
Category: Position papers

An EU Capital Market Union for Growth, Jobs and Citizens

Better Finance fully agrees that “capital markets need to play a larger role in channeling financing to the economy” and that Europe needs to “boost the flow of institutional and retail investment into capital markets”.

However, for the Capital Markets Union to succeed, individual investors and savers should be at the heart of the project. As stated by the European Commission itself, EU households are the main source of long-term financing for the real economy.

Despite this recognition, many claim that savers and individual investors are not natural participants in a Capital Markets Union. Whereas this couldn’t be further from the truth, they run the risk of being sidelined and dismissed by the future architects of the CMU as being too risk averse and short-termist. This mistaken notion needs to be rectified if the Capital Markets Union is to stand any real chance of reinforcing the real economy.

Our briefing paper is now available here.


The latest edition of our report on Pension Savings is now available for download!





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