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07.02.2017 15:21 Age: 2 yrs
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A pan-European Pension for Researchers: “Resaver” in the starting blocks

RESAVER: what is it? 

Researchers are a highly skilled workers who are moving from one country to another to carry out their research activities. This can lead to complications regarding the transfer of state pensions and supplementary pensions rights. That is why RESAVER, a state-of-the-art Pan European Pension Plan, has been created, enabling mobile and non-mobile employees to remain with the same pension arrangement when moving between countries and when changing jobs.
The goal of Resaver is to “improve the financial perspective for researchers and foster mobility within the European Economic Area”. 
This cross- border plan has been set up last year under Belgian law as a Belgian OFP (an organization for the financing of state pensions) and has received the approval from the Belgian supervisory authority. 

How is it financed? 

We can distinguish 2 sources of financing. 
National institutions and organizations will contribute to the Resaver cross-border pension plan. Institutions from Italy and Hungary (the Italian Institute of Technology, the Central European University…) will be the first to contribute to the fund. Resaver confirmed that the pension plan for academic researchers has received “local regulatory approval to operate in Hungary and Italy”. The Resaver pension fund has been joined by over 20 organizations in Europe which will contribute to its financing.
The European Union will also contribute to the Resaver. The Pension fund has been awarded a € 400.000 grant to contribute to the launch of the pension plan and as part of Horizon2020, the EU will also support the pension scheme over a longer term.

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