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Public Hearing on Sustainable Finance "Sustainable finance products sold to savers and retail investors must comply with EU rules on fair, clear and not misleading information"

Guillaume Prache, Managing Director of BETTER FINANCE spoke this morning at the Public Hearing on Sustainable Finance. He reminded that EU savers and individual investors are mostly long-term oriented (much more than...[more]

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BETTER FINANCE Annual Report 2016

BETTER FINANCE published its Annual Report for 2016.  Access the document here[more]

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Moody’s, Prospectus Regulation, Implementation of MiFID II … ESMA has been quite busy these past few weeks… and it is not over yet…

Prospectus Regulation Adopted in June 2017 as part of the Capital Markets Union Action Plan, the Prospectus Regulation aims to it make easier and cheaper for companies to access capital and improve the user-friendliness for...[more]

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Pan-European Pension Product: most important hurdle to a great and crucial project

PEPP: what is it?     After a public consultation and several months of work, the European Commission released the long-waited proposal on Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) last week. This new kind of...[more]

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Why do retail investors pay higher fees than institutional investors?

In its Asset Manager Market Study published last week, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) pointed out that retail investors pay fees that are three times higher than those incurred by large institutions on comparable asset...[more]

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The FCA is going after UK asset managers

In March 2015, the FCA launched the Asset Management Market Study with the purpose of increasing transparency on charges, eliminating conflicts of interests and restoring savers’ trust in the asset management...[more]

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Selfless Canadian Asset Managers want to protect investors’ interests…

Canadian asset manager insist they only want the best for investors …and in their view, the latest reform of Canada’s investment industry introducing a ban on commissions paid to advisors and intermediaries by asset managers for...[more]

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