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04.06.2018 15:49 Il y a: 134 days
Categorie: In the media

Trends & DN: Blackrock, world largest asset manager, and their role as initiator of Pan-European Pension Plan

In february 2015, in a 18 page document called "The Union of Capital Markets: An Investor Perspective", Blackrock CEO Larry Fink`s message was clear: the EU should assess the possibility of creating a cross-border personal pension fund. With a potential 240 million European citizens reached, the EU Commission, starting efforts for such a pan-european pension plan (PEPP) in July 2016, estimates that the internal market for pension funds could triple in value by 2030.

Commenting on the role of Blackrock as initiator to PEPP whilst holding the position of the world`s largest asset manager, BETTER FINANCE Managing Director Guillaume Prache was quoted in articles published in both Dutch and Portugese. 

To read the full Articles published in Trends (Dutch) and DN (Portugese), respectively: Blackrock heeft de werekd in zijn zak and Bruxelas cria fundo de pensões privadas após pressão da BlackRock


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