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14.09.2018 11:14 Il y a: 91 days
Categorie: News

New Rules: Increased Transparency Accompanies Sustainability Information for UK Savers Under Updated Measures

As we’ve emphasized in the past, BETTER FINANCE believes that the concept of sustainable finance should translate into products that are exemplary in complying with EU investor protection rules (especially in terms of transparency on performance). BETTER FINANCE is pleased to see that an emerging trend in socially-responsible investors wanting to make sound financial decisions is reflected in the UK government’s new measures for trustees overseeing workplace pension schemes.  Before, these trustees had no obligation to publish information on climate change issues or how they invest pension cash. After these measures are put forward, millions of savers will be able to see “if their pension money is held in ethical and socially responsible investments,” according to The Financial Times.

UK savers will see the measures come into effect between October 2019 and October 2020. Read more here!


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