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Standpunkte der DSW

Die DSW (Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz) ist die älteste und größte Schutzvereinigung für Privatanleger in Deutschland. Sie wurde 1947 gegründet und verfügt über eine lange Tradition bei der Wahrnehmung der Interessen von individuellen Anlegern und beim Angebot von Seminaren zu Anlagefragen. Sie hat 25.000 Mitglieder, die sie auf über 650 Hauptversammlungen innerhalb und außerhalb Deutschlands vertritt. Einige ihrer Standpunkte finden Sie hier:  

Problems with Cross border voting of registered shares in the General Meeting season 2013 in Germany (Englisch)

-  GERMAN INVESTORS’ SURVEY - The Compass for Shareholders (Englisch)


-  DSW fears that investors will be the losers of the current trialogues negotiations (Englisch)

ShareSoc Positions

ShareSoc is a non-profit organization which supports individuals who invest directly in the stock market. By promoting investors' rights to companies and by seeking to influence Government and regulatory policy, ShareSoc aims at ensuring that shareholders have their proper say as owners of the businesses in which they invest. 

Analysis of the Progress on the implemenation of the Kaw Review Reoport by Roger Lawson

UKSA Positions

UKSA, the UK Shareholders' Association, is an independent organisation born out of the scandal over the pay awards to directors of the newly-privatised utilities in the 1980s. UKSA represents the interests of private shareholders in the United Kingdom. Apart from helping private shareholders to invest more wisely, UKSA campaigns to protect the rights of shareholders in public companies and promotes improved standards of corporate governance.

The Accounting Story - Roger Collinge FCA : an easy-to-read introduction to accounting principles (Copyright Roger Collinge & UKSA, reproduce with permission only)

DAF Positions

Founded in 1984, the Danish Shareholders Association is striving to promote shareholding among private investors and to become an active policy-maker and lobbyist regarding stock market questions. You can find some of their positions here.

Letter to ESMA on its policy orientations on possible implementing measures under the Market Abuse Regulation


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