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Dear Mr Draghi

Dear Mr Draghi,I am writing this open letter to you, because I am deeply concerned about the old-age provisions of millions of EU-citizens. I am head of a consumer organization (the Bund der Versicherten) and we are fighting for...[more]

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CMU should return capital markets to the public

There seems to be a consensus that broadening and deepening EU Capital Markets - in order for these to complement the struggling and costly banking sector in the financing of the European economy – will be key to achieve the...[more]

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Digital Single Market for financial services faces fragmented landscape of local realities

Financial products and services in Europe have a bad rep. Not only do “investment products, private pension and securities” persistently rank as the worst of all 31 consumer markets according to the annual EU Consumer...[more]

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Slovenian Bail-In Highlights Perverse Facet of Banking Union

At the time of writing the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg is still examining the legitimacy of the 2013 decision by the Bank of Slovenia to expropriate all holders of subordinated bonds and shares in...[more]

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Newly adopted agenda towards Better Regulation criticised over Commission’s “undue influence”

Following Jean-Claude Juncker’s announced efforts to boost openness and transparency in the EU decision-making process when he took office in November 2014, Frans Timmermans, the European Commissioner in charge of...[more]

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TTIP and ISDS: a storm in a teacup?

Already two years down the line and the 10th round of TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) negotiations last week nevertheless had a distinct air of déjà vu about them, as they once again broke down over the...[more]

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